Mechanical three-roller symmetrical plate winding machine

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The structure of the mechanical three-roller symmetrical bending machine is three-roller symmetrical, the upper roller in the central symmetrical position of the two lower rollers for vertical lifting movement, through the screw screw female worm drive and obtained, the two lower rollers for rotary movement, through the output gear of the reducer and the lower roller gear meshing, for rolling plate to provide torque. The disadvantage of this machine is that the plate end needs to be prebent by other equipment.

Hydraulic three-roller symmetrical plate winding machine:

The upper roller of hydraulic three-roller symmetrical bending machine can be lifted vertically, and the hydraulic transmission of vertical lifting can be obtained by the hydraulic oil acting on the piston rod in the hydraulic cylinder; The lower roller is driven by rotation and provides torque for the plate by engaging the output gear of the reducer. The lower roller has a supporting roller and can be adjusted.

Three roller plate machine in operation, if the following problems, should be immediately shut down:

1. The temperature of the bearing seat of the winding machine is too high.

2, rolling machine smoke white.

3. Strong vibration of three-roll plate rolling machine.

4. Sudden increase of noise or abnormal sound.

During the application of the three-roller plate machine, regular maintenance and inspection are required. Once the equipment is found to be faulty, the power supply should be cut off in time, and the repair can be put into use.