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Bending and molding of sheet metal

A Comprehensive Guide to the 3200 Press Brake: Features, Benefits, and Applications

The 3200 Press Brake is renowned for its versatility in metalworking tasks, from delicate components to large parts. Its ample table size boosts productivity, accommodating various workpieces. With flexible configurations and a range of tools, including bending, drawing, and punching capabilities, it supports industries like aerospace and construction, advancing metal processing.

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Inspection and judgment of press brake working accuracy

At present, many companies do not pay attention to the daily management of equipment. Improper use and maintenance of equipment. Or the equipment is used excessively or the operator does not use the equipment according to the equipment operating procedures, resulting in serious loss of equipment accuracy. Some small and medium-sized enterprises will purchase some second-hand equipment, but lack the technology and methods to detect equipment accuracy.

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Iranian customers purchase additional BS6020H-6KW fiber laser cutting machine

We are delighted to share a moment of achievement as we dispatch our BS6020H-6KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine to a cherished customer in Iraq. This marks another milestone in our enduring partnership, which began in 2020 when the same customer embraced our CNC Turret Punching Machine. Their satisfaction with our technology and service propelled them to invest in the advanced capabilities of our fiber laser cutting machine in 2023.

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