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Maanshan Durmapress Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. ( Brand is Durmapress ®) which have a branch company brand  called Bossorlaser .is committed to the R&D, production and sales of CNC Press Brake , Shearing Machine , Rolling Machine , Fiber  Laser Cutting  Machine especially for high power laser cutting  machine . It is one of the few companies in China which have independent research and development capabilities and of the earliest enterprises which provide high-tech equipment integrating optics, mechanics and electronics. All series of products have passed CE, FDA and other international certifications.

Twenty years of experience

2000 Durmapress factory was born in a small town called Bowang. Bowang is located in Ma’anshan, the steel city of China, and is well-known worldwide for Maanshan Iron & Steel. Backing on the mountains to eat the mountains, relying on water to draft, relying on the city of steel, we started to produce machinery and equipment, shearing machine, Press Brake machines.. During this period, we encountered many problems. The products manufactured by these tools had very low precision. Later, we printed parts abroad. Cash’s CNC system, research and development of shearing machine, Press Brake machines.


Foundation and business construction

Since then, the situation has changed dramatically. In a small workshop in 2001, a revolutionary shearing machine, Press Brake machines. brand was born: Durmapress. In addition to the continuous increase in sales of shears and bending machines, Duma Pris has also introduced professional engineers and sales teams year by year. Durmapress’s business has developed rapidly and has become a rising star in the industry.

New chapter

In 2010, in response to the growing market demand, Duma Pris continued to grow thanks to the good reputation it has established among global customers over the years. At the same time, Durmapress is facing the trend of continuous development of bending machines into CNC press brake machines, while the shearing machines are gradually abbreviated by sales, and Yu is the leading company in the hometown of machine tools. We decided to start to go out of the local area, look at the world, and develop the latest At the same time, the laser cutting machine has recruited more than 20 optical fiber CNC technical experts and established scientific research cooperation relationships with top domestic universities. An advanced laser quality control laboratory has been established.


We have professional manufacturing and service processes, and have production, R&D, technical sales, quality control and marketing departments to provide exquisite laser solutions. Durmapress now has 100 senior technical personnel, including 12 senior engineers, a sales team of more than 80 people, and more than 26 professional pre-sales and after-sales personnel.

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