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Bending and molding of sheet metal

A Comprehensive Guide to the 3200 Press Brake: Features, Benefits, and Applications

The 3200 Press Brake is renowned for its versatility in metalworking tasks, from delicate components to large parts. Its ample table size boosts productivity, accommodating various workpieces. With flexible configurations and a range of tools, including bending, drawing, and punching capabilities, it supports industries like aerospace and construction, advancing metal processing.


Inspection and judgment of press brake working accuracy

At present, many companies do not pay attention to the daily management of equipment. Improper use and maintenance of equipment. Or the equipment is used excessively or the operator does not use the equipment according to the equipment operating procedures, resulting in serious loss of equipment accuracy. Some small and medium-sized enterprises will purchase some second-hand equipment, but lack the technology and methods to detect equipment accuracy.

Cutting Head

Essential Precautions for Laser Cutting Metal Materials

DURMAPRESS factory specializes in producing high-end electro-hydraulic CNC Press Brake and fiber Laser Cutting Machines,Among them, laser cutting machine has many different series of products worthy of attention. This article introduces the company's products and tells you the precautions for metal cutting.

Why is the prospect of press brake robots broad and unlimited?

What is a press brake robot The press brake robot is an industrial robot with high precision, high efficiency and high automation. It is mainly used for the press brake processing of metal sheets, and can realize the production of metal products of various complex shapes. The press brake robot integrates a variety of advanced technologies such as robotics, CNC technology, and sensor technology. It has powerful data processing and control capabilities and can accurately complete press brake operations. Basic… Read More »Why is the prospect of press brake robots broad and unlimited?

Press Brake part of the technical details and common problem solving

The press brake realizes the precise bending of the material through bending mechanics, using precise mechanical and hydraulic systems to accomplish this process. During the bending process, the material is held in a mold, while a ram is hydraulically or electrically driven to move along the space between the upper and lower molds.

industry4.0 picture

Industry 4.0 and the production of bending machines

Industry 4.0, as a representative of the fourth industrial revolution, is triggering an industrial revolution worldwide. Its unique way of changing the traditional manufacturing industry, integrating intelligence, automation and networking into the production process, opens up a new path for global industrial development. Our company will continue to meet the challenge of integrating Industry 4.0 with our own business to increase production capacity and improve product quality.

Environmentally friendly and efficient production in laser cutting machines

In today's modern manufacturing industry, environmental protection and efficient production continue to emerge and become the focus of the industry. This is because as society becomes increasingly concerned about environmental issues and natural resources become more and more limited, the manufacturing industry urgently needs to take measures to Sustainable green manufacturing methods to ensure that the production process has minimal impact on the environment. But at the same time, improving production efficiency is also an important goal in the current… Read More »Environmentally friendly and efficient production in laser cutting machines

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